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How we do our best to deliver the best service

About ActiveCloud.ro

We are a professional IT and cloud service company that meets customers with the best services and market prices.

Our goal is to implement the best and newest technologies so that the IT structure does not stay in the way of achieving the business objectives of our clients but to ease their way and to facilitate their access to the latest technologies. We aim to devote all the resources specific to each package, through technology designed to provide each client with the number of processors, RAM and storage space they need.

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Cloud Server

The equipment we work with

We use the newest technology and equipment to ensure high-level performance, and a 99.9% uptime.

Existing technologies

  • processors Intel Xeon
  • DDR3 memories
  • HDD & SSD with Raid Controller
  • internal network CISCO with fiber optic

All our equipments are carefully monitored by a digital system and human staff, for data security and server integrity.

Existing conditions in the data center

  • raised floor
  • dust filtering equipments
  • optical smoke detectors
  • 2 power generators
  • UPS APC for each racks

Generation 9

Security is essential

The security of servers and data is provided by many human and digital systems, both physically and computerized.

Physical security

  • digital monitoring of temperature and humidity
  • fire alarm system
  • regularly practiced disaster procedures
  • permanent video monitoring
  • standalone and independent systems acces control

Data security

  • firewall protection
  • routing cluster
  • remote acces to statistics
  • pro active monitoring

Generation 9

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